Versions history

(+) Feature is added
(-) Feature is removed
(*) Corrected


April, 2015 - Version 7.4

(*) The support of variables is improved


November, 2012 - Version 7.3

(+) Support of variables (like ${APACHE_LOG_DIR}) in conf file is added
(+) Support FTP passive mode
(+) Support the directive IncludeOptional
(*) The issue with huge number of virtual hosts in one file is solved


September, 2011 - Version 7.2

(*) The support of Windows 7 is improved


August, 2010 - Version 7.1

(+) The processing of the whole directory in the 'Include' directives
(*) Some program errors are corrected


July, 2009 - Version 7.0

(*) The support of MS Windows Server 2008 x64
(+) The processing of the directive "Include" is improved
(+) ApacheConf is divided on two programs: free ApacheConf Lite and commercial ApacheConf PRO


January, 2009 - Version 6.2.1

(*) The bug with the saving of .htaccess files is corrected
(+) Some insignificant program improvements


September, 2008 - Version 6.2

(+) Now the nodes for the .htaccess files are created automatically in the server tree
(*) The program looked ugly in Windows XP with disabled visual themes
(*) Sometimes (during manual editing) the source file was not marked as modified
(*) Some insignificant program errors are corrected and some interface improvements are added


July, 2008 - Version 6.1

(+) Support of the public/private keys for SSH connections
(+) The ability to generate public/private keys for SSH connections
(+) The folding code feature is added in the editor of the configuration files
(+) Some improvements of the program interface
(*) Some program bugs are corrected
(-) IfModule and IfDefine directives are not presented in the project tree now


June, 2007 - Version 6.0

(+) Viewer of the Apache log files (CustomLog directive)
(+) Editor of the .htpasswd files (AuthUserFile directive)
(+) Generating the passwords for .htpasswd file
(+) Editor of the .htgroup files (AuthGroupFile directive)
(+) The support of MS Windows Vista
(+) Improvements of program interface
(*) Some program bugs are corrected


March, 2007 - the minor update of ApacheConf is issued

January, 2005 - Version 5.0

(+) The support of 'Include' directives
(+) Downloading and viewing the truncated ErrorLog files
(+) MS IE is embedded in the application
(*) Bug with PHP and Apache 2 is corrected


April, 2004 - Version 4.1

(+) Multilanguage interface supporting


March, 2004 - Version 4.0

(*) Bug with FTP connection is corrected

(+) Work with several web servers
(+) Support .htaccess files
(+) Viewing ErrorLog for every virtual host separately
(+) Wizard for directory locking
(+) Enhanced directives description
(+) The program design is advanced


September, 2003 - Version 3.42

(*) Some bugs are corrected


March, 2003 - Version 3.4

(+) Interaction with *nix (Unix/Linux/FreeBsd) remote servers.
(+) Downloading and uploading a httpd.conf from (to) remote server via SSH connection.
(+) Description of SSL directives IBM HTTP server is added.


January, 2003 - Version 3.3

(+) Interaction with remote Apache servers.
(+) Hiding comments and commented directives.


November, 2002 - Version 3.2

(+) PHP Wizard.
(+) SSI Wizard.
(+) Showing a directive description in the DirectiveInspector.
(+) Work with more types of FTP servers.
(*) Bug with using directive ClearModuleList.


October, 2002 - Version 3.1

(+) A feedback form is added.
(+) A downloading of other languages for program interface.


September, 2002 - Version 3.0

(+) Downloading and uploading a httpd.conf from (to) remote server via FTP connection.
(+) Test of configuration file on correctness.
(+) Start, stop and restart an Apache web server.
(+) Viewing an Apache web server's ErrorLog.
(+) Description of SSL directives is added.
(+) Support of several languages of program interface.
(*) Opportunity of manual editing is improved.


July, 2002 - Version 2.0

(+) The editor with highlighting is added for editing the httpd.conf file manually.
(+) The small wizard for creating the new default configuration file for Apache 1.3.19 or 2.0.36 is added.


July, 2002 - Version 2.0 beta

(+) Practically all code of the program was advanced.
(+) The description of the all directives is added.
(+) Added special managers for easily managing some of Apache's directives.
(+) Now when you switch to the text source of httpd.conf the current active directive will be selected automatically.
(+) A warning message will be shown when a directive is not allowed in this context.
(+) Switching between pathes relative to ServerRoot and explicit pathes is added.
(-) Feature for printing the current file was removed.
(-) Form for finding directive was removed.
(*) Error opening configuration file from Apache 2 was corrected.


March 23, 2002 - Version 1.0