Purchasing the licenses for our commercial software for Apache server management

ApacheConf Lite and HtpasswdGenerator Lite are freeware programs. You need no buy the licenses to use these programs. But to use ApacheConf Lite, you need to register on our site and get the free registration key.

Registering our software is fast and easy. We accept all major credit cards, checks and money orders. You can order programs over the Internet or by fax. The only thing you have to do is filling out a form on the Web. Your browser encrypts the information you enter before sending it through the Internet, so that nobody except our Registrar can read it. When making an order, please be sure to enter your correct personal information.

Upgrades up to the newer versions of ApacheConf PRO and HtpasswdGenerator PRO are free for one and half year from the date of purchase. After one and half year the registered users may purchase an one more year and half of free updates for a discounted price.

Buy ApacheConf PRO for personal using - $75


Buy the company license for ApacheConf PRO - $290
Company license allows to any employee in your company to use the licensed program (irrespective of the amount of computers).

Buy HtpasswdGenerator PRO