Remote administering of Apache servers

ApacheConf Lite has no such feature.

ApacheConf PRO works under MS Windows platform (Windows 9x, NT 4, 2000, XP, Vista). But if you need to tune a configuration file for Apache web server under Unix, Linux, FreeBSD, NetWare or under any other OS, you can do it using ApacheConf PRO!

Install ApacheConf PRO on computer under MS Windows.

ApacheConf PRO allows you connect with remote computer using SSH or FTP through Internet or through your LAN. So, you can easily connect with computer under FreeBSD (for example) with installed Apache web server and edit its configuration file. When you'll finish an editing, you also easily can connect with this server again and upload a httpd.conf file back.

Moreover you can control an Apache server on remote computer under MS Windows, *nix (Unix/Linux/FreeBsd) or Novell NetWare.



Remote administering of Apache server